Live Deck V2

Live Deck V2

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Live Deck by Autel Robotics supports pairing with any existing EVO and transmits video up to 7km away at a transmitting power of 2.4 GHz. It works simultaneously with the remoter and outputs full HD video to larger LED screens, TV and monitoring devices through HDMI, supporting input and output of 1080p images at 60 Hz.

  • Non-built-in design - easy to replace;
  • Update option to 2.4G universal dual-antenna port;
  • 5 Ah built-in battery, 4h battery life, 2h fast charging;
  • Fast cooling enabled by full-metal shell.
  • Autel Live Deck

    The Autel Robotics Live Deck is a video output accessory for use with EVO. Quickly pair any existing EVO with a single button to gain access to multiple video outputs such as HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. 

  • 1080P 60FPS

    Transmitting video doesn't have to be low quality. With Live Deck seamlessly output up to 1080p video at EVO's industry leading 60 Frames Per Second up to 7km away.

  • 4h Battery Life

    Disconnecting is what Live Deck is all about. Place the receiver where it improves your workflow, not where you need to plug in for power. With up to 4 hours of internal battery life, you're ready to cover the biggest event of the year. If 4 hours isn't enough, use the micro USB port to power Live Deck from a wall or portable battery bank.

  • 3 Outputs simultaneously

    It doesn't matter if you want to display your feed on an HD TV or connect to a cloud broadcasting server. Live Deck has you covered with an HDMI, Ethernet and USB port. All 3 can be connected and outputting at the same time, giving the viewer full app control and a clean feed. Allowing you to stream live video at strategic monitoring and command locations. Live Deck connects to a standard TV, your computer (Windows or Mac OS) or compatible iOS and Android device. 

  • Application Scenarios

    • Law enforcement: provides additional live feeds to command posts or to other officers. Enhances situational awareness and communication.
    • Film Making: simplify shooting and workflow.
    • Broadcast Production: quickly stream High quality footage with the EVO series from any location.